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Kemetic Tantra Yoga Institute of Michigan

Activities and Treatments
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Activities and Treatments
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We offer a wide range of activities and treatments.

Kemetic Tantra Yoga

Private and group sessions are available on a walk-in or monthly basis.

Kemetic Yoga
Joints & Glands Rejuvenation
Qi Gong
Tai Chi
Breath and Mantra
Workshops are available in Office Yoga, and Community Health and Yoga

Hieroglyhpic Background 2


Sunrise, Pyramids

Good Health can only be acomplished by living a lifestye that reflects absolute knowledge of self. In ancient Kemet it was axiomatic that energy is the medium by which all phenomenon in life is expressed, including good health. And in so keeping, we present for the first time ChakraMid, a treatment modality that utilizes life giving energy readily vortexed by the  pyramids and chakras.
** ChakraMid Products include:
Individual and sets (6) ChakraMed Pyramids
ChakraMid Bedding
ChakraMid Dinnerware (Set includes plate, cup, and bowl)
ChakraMid Tee-shirts

** ChakraMid Treatments include:

Crystal Chakra Readings
Treatment Plan with Exercises
ChakraMid Products


Stars and nebula

Divination readings are available by appointment only:

African Medicine Wheel
Dagara Cowie Shell
Dakini Tantric Oracle
Private and Group Rituals, Community Rituals performed in conjunction with the Great Water Ritual Society

Call for an appointment today: (313) 671-0833 or (313) 575-8633  
or e-mail us at:

Kemetic Arts and New Konsciousness Health Center * 15933 W. 8 Mile Road * Detroit, Michigan 48238