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Kemetic Tantra Yoga Institute of Michigan

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Welcome!  We Greet You In The Name Of All That Is Divine In The Universe! We are forever grateful to the Creator of Life/Universe and to our pious Ancestors we say Praises to Thee. 
Special thanks is also expressed to those significant teachers such as Chiek Anta Diop, Baba Ishangi Razak, Ra Un Nefer Amen, H. Eugene Adams, and Sunyatta Saraswati...and many others. These are teachers who shared their profound understanding of the workings of the Almighty with us, which assisted in our personal experiences with the "Opening of the Way" and was manna to us! And also to all those who continue to express their diversified perspectives that also shed light on the mysteries of the universe/life
Although our web site is currently under construction, we will not proceed without  giving thanks and honoring those ancestors who picked up and have borne this banner, and on whose shoulders we stand, Our national ancestors of the continent and diaspora...Our personal ancestors, known and unknown, those that have gone before and those yet to come forward, we say Ashe and invite their blessings and guidance.

It is our honor and purpose to promote the cosmic view of our most ancient and revered ancestors of Kemet, by embracing the dictum "Know Thyself" that was expoused by the Ausarian Mystery System; which was dissimulated through the disciplines of Kemetic Theology, Kemetic Astrology, and Kemetic Tantra Yoga; through the various learning sites of the ancient world. 

We are excited that you are visiting our web site.  As promoters and practitioners of spiritually-based alternative healthcare methods, we are here to serve your mental, spiritual, and physical health and fitness needs.

Our site will guide you through our many activities/treatments, as well as offering information about our prices and location.


Kemetic Tantra Yoga Institute of Michigan is affiliated with the Kemetic Yoga Institute of Chicago, Illinois. We are also distributors of SeaSilver Products.
Here are some of the member organizations of KaAnkh Associates: 
1. African Fundamental Instructions - to promote the independent study of African spirituality
2, Ready, Able, and Willing to Work, Inc. - an instructional and human performance development organization for young adults and the chronically un-or under-employed

Here we might put a picture of our center.

Stars and Nebula

We are currently located at:

The Kemetic Arts and New Konsciousness Health Center (KaAnkh Center)
15933 West 8 Mile Road - at the corner of Rutherford
Detroit, Michigan 48235

Phone: (313) 575-8633 for Afi Reynolds

Yoga Class Hours:
Monday-Thursday-Saturday 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Sunday 10am - 1pm
Spiritual Readings Available By Appointment

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